John Allsopp

Web Directions
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Upcoming speaking engagements

  1. CERN Line-mode browser dev days, Geneva, Switzerland, 19 & 20 Sept. 2013
  2. Blackberry Jam Asia, Hong Kong 26 & 27 Sept. 2013
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About John Allsopp

With a background in computer science and mathematics, and a great deal of good fortune, John Allsopp’s life collided with the web in the early 1990s.

For nearly 20 years he has developed software for web developers, built web sites and applications, written books like Developing with Web Standards and the first ever book on Microformats, and written countless articles and tutorials for print and online publications.

In 2000, he wrote “A Dao of Web Design”, which over a decade later continues to be widely cited as the theoretical foundation for Responsive Web Design.

John continues to develop software, websites and applications, tutorials and articles, and to deliver workshops online and in person. He co-founded the Web Directions conference series, and in his copious free time likes to trail run, mountain bike, play what most of the world calls football, and be as good a dad as possible to four beautiful young daughters.

He lives in the bush, overlooking the ocean, a little outside Sydney, and considers himself very fortunate indeed.